Singles should head to New York, bookworms to LA

NEW YORK (eTN) - For singles, New York is the place in the United States to find events. For pet lovers, it's San Diego and bookworms should head to Los Angeles.

NEW YORK (eTN) – For singles, New York is the place in the United States to find events. For pet lovers, it’s San Diego and bookworms should head to Los Angeles.

The first annual ‘Most Eventful Cities’ ranking by Web site has listed 2007’s 25 most happening U.S. locations based on millions of events listed in cities with a population of 100,000 or more while also looking at certain categories.

But while the list was topped by cities with the biggest populations — New York and Los Angeles – smaller cities with a disproportionately high number of events also appeared in the top 10 list.

This included San Francisco in third place which has many performing arts and singles events, Tucson, Arizona in sixth place that boasts many family and school or alumni events, and Washington D.C. in 10th place, with a lot of neighborhood, education and political events.

The rankings also found out which cities were best for certain types of activities.

For instance, San Diego was highest for pet-related events, Los Angeles had the highest number of book-related activities just ahead of Houston, and New York topped the list for singles events, with San Francisco coming in second.

New York also topped the list for bars and clubs while Los Angeles was the top city for music events.

Jordan Glazier, chief executive of Eventful Inc, said the rankings gave a fascinating snapshot of how people spend their time across the nation.

“Events are at the heart of each city’s character and livability. It’s interesting to see which cities offer the greatest breadth of activities for residents and visitors,” he said in a statement.

Here is the list of the top 25 ‘2007 Most Eventful Cities:

1. New York, New York (pop. 8,214,426)

2. Los Angeles, California (pop. 3,849,378)

3. San Francisco, California (pop. 744,041)

4. Chicago, Illinois (pop. 2,833,321)

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (pop. 1,448,394)

6. Tucson, Arizona (pop. 518,956)

7. Houston, Texas (pop. 2,144,491)

8. Phoenix, Arizona (pop. 1,512,986)

9. San Diego, California (pop. 1,256,951)

10. Washington, District of Columbia (pop. 581,530)

11. Boston, Massachusetts (pop. 590,763)

12. Miami, Florida (pop. 404,048)

13. Seattle, Washington (pop. 582,454)

14. Atlanta, Georgia (pop. 486,411)

15. Dallas, Texas (pop. 1,232,940)

16. Denver, Colorado (pop. 566,974)

17. Austin, Texas (pop. 709,893)

18. Tampa, Florida (pop. 332,888)

19. Las Vegas, Nevada (pop. 552,539)

20. Albuquerque, New Mexico (pop. 504,949)

21. Baltimore, Maryland (pop. 631,366)

22. Indianapolis, Indiana (pop. 785,597)

23. Minneapolis, Minnesota (pop. 372,833)

24. St. Louis, Missouri (pop. 353,837)

25. Nashville, Tennessee (pop. 552,120)

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