We are at a crossroads in Hawai`i. There are many issues that need to be dealt with. Change is inevitable. Wise ones from the past have said that we will not be able to solve today’s challenges with the same thinking and methods that created the problems in the first place. We need to tap into much deeper reserves of creativity, focus our efforts on what can be done instead of what isn’t possible, and commit to practices that have long-lasting positive impact on Hawai`i and its people.

It’s significant that Kīlauea has been erupting at this particular time in Hawai’i when tumultuous change has begun to show its face in our economy and social fabric. The flames of Pele navigate multiple paths down the mountain creating vein-like flows of hot molten lava that channel the life-force before they enter the ocean. From an amazing explosion of energy at its beginning, the fiery flows drop into the ocean and cool in a cloud of vapor. The circle of birth, death, and renewal continues as new land is formed in the womb of the ocean.

Hawaiian values of lokahi (harmony), kaulike (balance), laulima (cooperation), kuleana (responsibility), `ike pono (clear insight), koa (courage), and ho`omau (perseverance) come to mind. We need to replace entrenched systems, outdated thinking and unhealthy practices that are not serving Hawaii or her people with bold new ways of working together, conducting business, and living island values. Incorporate ancient wisdom into modern living (or perhaps modern living into ancient wisdom), and the cycle of renewal will go forth….much like the new land being formed in the ocean by Pele.

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T. Lulani Arquette, Executive Director
Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association (NaHHA)