China Airlines Takes MOS Burgers to the Skies


Hong Kong, October 8, 2008 – In order to provide more choices of healthy and innovative meals, China Airlines (CAL) added another tasty treat to its in-flight menus on October 1, when MOS Rice Burgers were served to Economy Class passengers on flights from Taipei to New York, Sydney and Brisbane. It is the first time that China Airlines has co-operated with one of the world’s leading fast-food chain restaurants.

In an announcement made today, China Airlines and MOS Burger unveiled a new in-flight menu that includes Pork Rice Burgers, Burdock Chicken Rice Burgers, and Vegetarian Burdock Rice Burgers on select flights. These burgers are specially designed for China Airlines to move in line with global efforts on reducing carbon emissions. In the near future, MOS Burger will develop more in-flight
dishes designed exclusively for China Airlines.

“We are constantly seeking to serve creative in-flight meals,” said Mr. Phillip Wei, China Airlines Chairman. “China Airlines is offering MOS Rice Burgers not only to bring passengers innovative and tasty meals at 35,000 feet in the air, but also to promote Taiwan’s agricultural products.”

When it comes to in-flight cuisine, China Airlines has always been committed to selecting fine, natural local ingredients for its passengers, such as flavorful rice from Taichung, Yunlin and Chiayi; crisp, tender burdock root from Taitung; sweet onions from Pingtung; tender pork from Yunli, Chiayi and Pingtung; and fresh local carrots from Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Chiayi.

China Airlines has ample experience working with the best hotels and restaurants in the world. In recent years it has partnered with the Sheraton Hotel to serve ‘Lai Lai fine food’; with the Council for Hakka Affairs to serve ‘In-flight Hakka fine food’; and with the Ambassador Hotel, the Grand Hotel, the Glory Prince Hotel, the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel and the Formosa International Hotel to present an array of innovative, five-star cuisine.