Moscow mayor wants government buildings turned into hotels


Moscow’s mayor wants government buildings in the centre of the city to be turned into hotels.

The overhaul will take place once officials are relocated beyond the Ring Road.

Sergey Sobyanin says he is against turning the vacated buildings into offices.

Part of the motivation of relocating officials is to reduce the number of workplaces in the centre. This will help to tackle congestion.

Sobyanin also says the government will continue to invest in top-end and mid-range hotels, as well as hostels.

Moscow more than doubled its area on January 1, when the upper house of the Russian parliament endorsed the resolution on moving the capital’s boundaries further to the south.

As a result, the Russian capital will grow by over 148,000 hectares, while its population will increase by 150,000 people. The officials say the new boundaries will breathe new life into the city.