Glasgow’s tourism group ‘should be model for Scotland’


(TVLW) – GLASGOW’S success in forging a public-private partnership to boost tourism should be a model for the whole of Scotland, the new chief executive of the Scottish Tourism Forum (STF) said yesterday.

Speaking after a seminar on events tourism, Iain Herbert praised Glasgow’s Tourism Strategy Steering Group, which has set the target of attracting a million more tourists a year by 2016.

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Herbert said: “I think there was a lot of interest in the kind of one-stop-shop approach that Glasgow has pioneered.

“There is an argument for running the whole tourism offering of Scotland on the same basis, and the new government is stepping towards that by decluttering the landscape.

Last month, Glasgow published its tourism strategy for the period to 2016, built around its “Scotland with Style” brand, which set the goal of up to 80 per cent revenue growth by that date, as well as raising tourism-related employment by 40,000, and increasing premier hotel capacity by 3,000 rooms.

Herbert added: “There are obvious benefits to investors of having a single body to deal with, and the ten-year vision provides people with a focus on the repositioning of Glasgow and the investment it needs to achieve that in terms of land available with outline planning permission for hotels. This kind of approach makes it easy for people coming along with investment.”

Glasgow’s Tourism Strategy Steering Group comprises the city council, VisitScotland, Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, Glasgow Chambers of Commerce and the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, a non-profit private company part-funded by the local council responsible for conventions, events, meetings and exhibition sales, as well as the city branding campaign.