‘Foreign object debris’: New potentially deadly Boeing 737 MAX problem found

‘Foreign object debris’: New potentially deadly Boeing 737 MAX problem found

The fleets of Boeing 737 MAX jets were grounded worldwide and the company halted production of the 737 MAX last month, following two deadly crashes, in Indonesia in October 2018 and in Ethiopia in March 2019. In both cases the plane nose-dived, killing everyone on board.

The 737 MAX production halt has left Boeing with some 400 undelivered planes.

Now new potentially deadly problems were discovered in the fuel tanks of recently produced Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Foreign object debris (FOD) was found inside the fuel tanks of around 35 new but undelivered jets belonging to the ill-fated 737 MAX series, the company’s spokesperson confirmed to media. Meanwhile, one source said that problems were found in more than half of the planes inspected so far, while other sources said the inspectors discovered debris in around two thirds of the aircraft checked.   

Debris inside the plane can potentially lead to serious issues during flight. Boeing said that the presence of FOD is “unacceptable and won’t be tolerated” on any of the company’s aircraft set to be delivered to customers.

Reports from earlier this week said the company began finding debris in “several” of these new jets. Sources said that Boeing will now expand their inspections after more FOD were discovered.

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