Sunshine over snow for Spring Break 2020 travelers

Sunshine over snow for Spring Break 2020 travelers

As gloomy days and cold weather continue to cloud over many parts of the country, US holidaymakers were asked if and where they plan on traveling this upcoming spring.

Of the respondents, 20% percent answered “yes,” they plan on traveling with 29% of those indicating they are heading somewhere warm and sunny.

None of the respondents said they are opting for a snowy destination.  

Eight percent said they are going to a major city in the US; three percent said they were going to Europe and seven percent marked “another international destination.” 

Of those who said they were traveling, 50% noted they weren’t sure of their destination at the time of the survey.

Of the 160 respondents, 57% said they were not planning on traveling at all during the 2020 spring break season, compared with 55% last year, while 22% did not know if they were unsure.   

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