Visit USA Italy elects and names brand new President

Massimo Loquenzi back at the helm

Visit USA Italy elects and names brand new President

Elections were held for the renewal of the board of the Visit USA Italy association, resulting in new lifeblood for travel from Italy to the US.

Massimo Loquenzi, former president for 2 terms from 2001 to 2004, had the upper hand. A 91% voter turnout indicated the importance not only of the vote but also of the affection of the members to the association.

The results demonstrated 26 votes in favor of the Loquenzi list and 17 for the Di Bella candidate. The rightful members were 48.

Loquenzi’s team sees Francesco Paradisi of Norwegian Cruise Line as VP, Monica Mocellini of Giver Travel as treasurer, and Nicolò Sessa of American Airlines as adviser. Soon the reserve will be dissolved on the last board adviser.

The external consultants who remain are: Luisa Salomoni of U.S. Commercial Service and Marcella Re of USA Brand Italy.

VisitUSA Italy is a non-profit association whose main purpose is to promote and develop tourism and travel from Italy to the US. The VisitUSA Association website is .

The website aims to provide information and inspire travel from Italy to the US. Its news and different menus help to better delineate the travel experiences in the United States that the traveler cares about. Tour Operators and Travel Agencies will be able to set itineraries designed for different needs and desires.

With over 63 million tourists a year, Italy is the fifth most-visited country in international tourism arrivals. Tourism is one of Italy’s fastest-growing and most profitable industrial sectors with an estimated revenue of €189.1 billion.

Travelers mainly visit Italy to partake in its rich culture, excellent cuisine, history, and fashion and art, along with its beautiful coastline and beaches, its mountains, and its priceless ancient monuments. Italy also contains more World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. Italy to the USA – tourism gets a shot of new blood.