Airline loaded with Coronavirus passengers

Airline loaded with Coronavirus passengers

Welcome to Kalitta Air flight from Tokyo Haneda to Kelly Field, an air force base located in San Antonio, Texas, or Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, California. This must have been the most bizarre and spooky freight the airline transported.

328 Americans were to be whisked away from the contaminated Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo told passengers that no one infected with the new coronavirus would be allowed to board charter flights to the United States.

But those plans were hastily changed after the test results for 14 passengers came back positive — just as they were being loaded onto buses and dispatched to the airport, where two reconfigured cargo jets were waiting to fly them to military bases in California and Texas.

Kalitta Air is an American cargo airline headquartered in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan. It operates international scheduled and ad-hoc cargo charter services. Its main base is Willow Run Airport near Ypsilanti. Its callsign “Connie” is from its founder Connie Kalitta.

Planes loaded with Coronavirus passengers

The “freight” on their latest B747 flights from Tokyo Haneda Airport were passengers on the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship that has been stranded in Yokohama after a major onboard outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Passengers onboard this freight airline had no direct contact with the crew. The passengers and crew were isolated from each other in separate parts of the cabin with separate airflows.

eTurboNews reached out to Kartika Air to find out more about the flight and the seats the American passengers had to sit on flying home with coronavirus in the air. There were no comments and every media question was routed to an email address at the US State Department.

The homecoming was not without surprise for these Americans on this mystery flight. They were face with 2 more weeks of forced quarantine after they already went through an unbelievable ordeal on the luxury cruise liner.

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