London train station evacuated after stabbing attack

London train station evacuated after stabbing attack

London police have swarmed Euston railway station on Euston Road in the London Borough of Camden, on Saturday afternoon.

Armed London’s Metropolitan Police officers have descended on central London train station following reports of a stabbing and mass fight. Bystanders fled the station amid what Transport for London called a “police incident.”

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon, sending travelers fleeing in panic from the city’s fourth-busiest train station. Eyewitnesses described “police with guns everywhere,” and “people running up escalators.”

Neither London’s Metropolitan Police or the British Transport Police have confirmed the stabbing or released any details of the incident.

The supposed stabbing comes two weeks after a convicted terrorist stabbed two people in the London suburb of Streatham, seriously injuring one. The attacker was shot dead by police following his “Islamist-related” knife rampage.

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