Embassies to help market African Tourism

Embassies to help market African Tourism

Setting new plans and strategies to market African tourism within and outside the continent, the African Tourism Board (ATB) is now looking to cooperate then work closely with embassies and diplomatic missions across the continent to expose its rich attractions.

Speaking to eTN at the end of this six-day working tour in Tanzania early this week, the African Tourism Board (ATB) Chairman Mr. Cuthbert Ncube said new strategies to develop, promote and market the rich African tourism is now extending to various stakeholders including African diplomatic missions in each African country.

Mr. Ncube who was in Tanzania for an interactive working tour said that more efforts with new plans are needed to expose African tourist resources at the international travel markets to attract more global tourists to visit this continent.

The ATB Chairman said that African embassies and diplomatic missions are key partners in tourism development for Africa.

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Mr Ncube at the South African embassy in Tanzania

“Each African embassy in a specific country has a big role play in marketing tourist opportunities available in the respective nation it represents to the host country”, he said.

During his visit to Tanzania, Mr. Ncube held talks with the Nigerian High Commissioner to Tanzania, also officials at the South African High Commission in Tanzania; targeting tourism development and exchange of information and strategies to market tourist attractions in Africa.

“I had met officials in these African diplomatic missions to discuss on how best to make strategies that would promote international travel and domestic tourism in the continent”, he told eTN.

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Mr. Ncube with the Nigerian ambassador to Tanzania

Ncube said ATB is now working hard to identify, develop and then expose the African tourist products at the international travel markets to attract more visitors to visit this continent.

Within Africa, Mr. Ncube said he had discussed how to develop a strong tourism base for Africans to travel within the continent, from one state to another state.

“We are looking to see people from Nigeria to visit Tanzania, South Africans to visit Tanzania, also Tanzanians to travel to another African state to see tourist attractions not available in their country”, he said. The African Tourism Board was established last year to work as a catalyst for the responsible development of travel and tourism into Africa. 

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