Two killed, 29 injured in Milan high-speed train crash

Two killed, 29 injured in Milan high-speed train crash

Two Italian railway employees were killed and one was gravely wounded when a high-speed train en route from Milan to Salerno, south of Naples, derailed near Lodi, about 19 miles (30 kilometers) southeast of Milan, today.

Two railway employees, who according to local authorities, were the train’s drivers, have died and a member of the train’s cleaning crew was seriously injured, suffering multiple fractures.

Some of the other 28 crew members and passengers on board were also injured, police said, but none of them seriously.

The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. Police have said the train’s engine derailed first, crashing into a building and killing the two railway employees, while the rest of the train continued until the lead car also fell off the tracks.

The derailment interrupted railway traffic on the busy line between Milan and Bologna. The railway line between Milan and Bologna was immediately closed due to the accident, with traffic diverted to the slower Milan-Piacenza line. There is no indication when regular service will resume, according to state railway operator Trenitalia.

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