China will not suspend civil aviation commercial flights

China will not suspend civil aviation commercial flights

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said today that the country’s government will not suspend Chinese civil aviation passenger flights.

The official’s remarks came when she was asked to comment on the suggestions of certain countries’ officials that their citizens should leave China as soon as possible, fearing that China will make further travel restrictions and make it difficult to leave China on commercial flights in the coming weeks.

“That’s just assumptions,” said Hua Chunying, the spokesperson, adding that China’s government will also bring Chinese nationals home from wherever they are.

The Chinese government attaches high importance to the life and health of all people in China, Chinese and foreign nationals alike, she said, adding that China has taken the most comprehensive and rigorous prevention and control measures against the novel coronavirus, many of which have far exceeded what the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Health Regulations require.

Currently, the security, health and living standards of foreign nationals in China is guaranteed. The Civil Aviation Administration of China has taken effective measures to minimize the possibility of the virus spreading in airplanes and to ensure travelers’ safety and health on international flights, said the spokesperson.

“We hope all countries can assess the epidemic situation and China’s efforts in a calm, objective and rational manner and do not overreact,” said Hua.

She said after some countries resorted to extreme restrictions such as suspending flights despite WHO recommendations and the International Civil Aviation Organization bulletins, some Chinese nationals have ended up stranded overseas.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to addressing this situation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese diplomatic missions overseas have been assisting them in getting back home by changing flights or transiting through other countries, said Hua.

She said coordination efforts are also under way to get previous flights resumed to bring them home.

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