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Penang is taking no chance for coronavirus

Penang is taking no chance for coronavirus

Penang is a safe destination is the message from tourism officials looking for visitors.

In light of the recent outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus, Penang is currently on high-alert in ensuring the virus does not further spread and affecting more victims. Since the outbreak occurred, there have not been any reported cases in the state.

Both the Penang International Airport and Port Swettenham Cruise Terminal have implemented stringent health checks of incoming passengers, as well as carrying out hygiene sanitization at the airport more frequently. Operators of tourist attractions, hotels, shopping malls, eateries and involved stakeholders have been urged to ensure that hand sanitizers and disinfectants are readily available as a deterrent measure.

At the current moment, there are no cancellations of any confirmed business events that are in Penang and all still remain as status quo. We would like to ensure all interested event organizsers that Penang is relatively safe as a destination, and all venues are equipped with sanitization equipment.

We urge organizers to advise their delegates to monitor for fever above 38 degrees Celsius with symptoms of cough and/or breathing difficulties. Should they be experiencing symptoms that may relate to the virus, it is vital for them to go to the nearest hospital to receive immediate treatment. Delegates are also encouraged to keep on hand sufficient face masks and hand sanitizers and disinfectants as a deterrent measure.