Coronavirus: Not the worst health threat

Coronavirus: Not the worst health threat

China is shutting down. The Lunar New Year season is no longer poised to be the biggest travel season for the Nation of more than a billion people.

The government is suspending all group travel domestic and overseas and is canceling already paid package tours an hotel stays abroad. Bus links within China are interrupted. Quarantine centers are being established in Hong Kong.

The association for China’s travel agencies announced that tour groups that were in the middle of their trips could proceed with their itineraries but should closely monitor the health of their travelers.

This measure means relief for many destinations, but also an enormous economic impact on host destinations, that rely on the Chinese travel business.

Coronavirus: Not the worst health threat

The Great Wall, as well as more than a dozen cities, restricting the movement of some 46 million people, and canceling events related to the Lunar New Year, one of the busiest periods of travel and consumerism in the country.

Wuhan is restricting vehicle movement event within their city.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, said today his country is facing a grave situation because the spread of a new virus is accelerating.

Scientist and scholar Eric Toner, in an interview with CNBC, explained that China’s efforts to contain the current outbreak of a fast-moving upper-respiratory illness are “unlikely to be effective.”

Cases of the illness, which is related to SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, have now turned up in a number of countries beyond China, where the illness originated in Wuhan City.

The number of infections has risen to 1,300, according to the Wall Street Journal. On top of that, the official death toll has risen to at least 42, 
According to a report in USA Today there’s a deadly virus spreading from state to state. It preys on the most vulnerable, striking the sick and the old without mercy. In just the past few months, it has claimed the lives of 39 children.

The virus is influenza, and it poses a far greater threat to many in the world.

All the reported deaths from the outbreak have been in mainland China, but travelers have spread the virus to numerous other places. Cases have been confirmed in Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, and the United States.

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