Seychelles role in USA Iran peace talks?

Seychelles role as a global diplomat and nation of peace

Seychelles role in USA Iran peace talks?

Why Seychelles is the most powerful country in Africa? The Republic of Seychelles has less than 100,000 citizens but remains the most powerful country in Africa. The island country is a holiday dream destination.

This laid back island atmosphere in Seychelles could play a much bigger role in today’s global politics and conflicts, and global diplomacy. Why not include a role in de-escalating the war talk between the  United States and Iran. 

Tourism is the biggest industry in the Indian Ocean country. A war between the U.S. and Iran could destroy this industry in Seychelles and for Africa as a travel destination.

Seychelles has a clear national interest in de-escalating the situation and plays a neutral role at this time.

The founder and president of the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) went to Iran in 2008 opening this window for talks between Iran and the United States trying to encourage both countries to continue with the 2001 U.N. International Year for a Dialogue Among Civilizations.

Friends of All, Enemies of None equals Tourism for all remains the message by Seychelles tourism leaders. This was first announced by Alain St. Ange when he was the minister of tourism for this small Indian Ocean Island Republic.

Today St. Ange is president of the African Tourism Board and insiders say he could be on his way to becoming president of Seychelles.  Louis D’Amore is a fellow board member of the African Tourism board.

Currently, Seychelles is the most powerful nation in Africa when it comes to African citizenship.

Why Seychelles is the most powerful Country in Africa?

With visa-free travel to 140 countries, Seychelles Passport ranks as the most powerful international passport in Africa.

This is according to the latest study on  Passport Index 

The second most powerful country in Africa by passport is Mauritius with 136 visa-free destinations to explore, number 3 is enjoyed by South African Citizens with 102 countries.

The most restricted citizenships in Africa to have are Somalia with 41, Sudan with 48 and Libya with only 49 countries allowing visa-free travel.

Seychelles follows a policy of what it describes as “positive” nonalignment and strongly supports the principle of reduced superpower presence in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles government is one of the proponents of the Indian Ocean zone of peace concept and it has promoted an end to the United States’ presence on Diego Garcia. The country has adopted a pragmatic policy, however, and serves as an important rest and recreation stop for US ships serving in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Seychelles’ foreign policy position has placed it generally toward the left of the spectrum within the Non-Aligned Movement. Russia, the United Kingdom, France, India, the People’s Republic of China, Libya and Cuba maintain embassies in Victoria.

Perhaps this unique positioning of this Indian Ocean holiday paradise could play a role in becoming an important link in international conflicts, like the United States and Iran.  Seychelles citizens do not need a visa to travel to Iran.

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