Where to Find Brothels in Las Vegas?

Where to Find Brothels in Las Vegas?

It doesn’t sound so bad when you say brothel, does it?  Certainly not as naughty sounding as house of prostitution, house of ill repute, or bordello. Evidently brothels are located pretty much everywhere. In places you’d normally think of such as brothels in Amsterdam. But what about say brothels in Las Vegas?

With a name like “Sin City,” Las Vegas seems like another one of those logical destinations to find a brothel, a prostitute, an escort. But in reality, prostitution is actually illegal in Las Vegas. Why? Because any Nevada county with over 400,000 residents – which basically means Las Vegas and Reno – prostitution is not legal. But that still leaves close to 16 counties where it is legal and where there are around 19 active brothels. And they are not far from Las Vegas.

Prostitution has been practiced in Nevada since the 1850s when mining was booming. Brothels sprung up to service the sexual needs of the miners with sex dens that were tolerated by local governments. The legalization of prostitution did not happen until the early 1970s when ordinances were passed providing for the licensing of houses of prostitution and sex workers.

Okay, we know. Thanks for the history but get to the good part. Yes, we’ll give you a list at the end. But let’s focus in on one that you may have already heard of just in case we haven’t piqued your interest enough yet.

The Mustang Ranch located in the city of Sparks, declares that it is world famous and is a resort as well as a brothel and includes a lounge and restaurant. They call their ladies courtesans, and you can get a preview of the currently 22 prostitutes in the section of the website called Lineup, plus another 109 in a section called Ladies. Honestly, we are not sure what the difference is. Some ladies, prostitutes, courtesans – whichever you choose to call them – show up in both sections, some do not.

Since 1971, the Mustang Ranch Resort & Spa has been a part of Nevada’s history – that’s right after prostitution became legal. It offers a Pleasure Menu with shows that include good clean fun like the Shower Show, or a little more intimate experiences like a Nude Massage. And then, of course, there’s the Straight Lay or a Ménage à Trois to name a few. Also on the menu board are things like a Bachelor Party.

So if getting your groove on is on your travel bucket list, as promised here’s the other legal brothels around the Las Vegas area:

  • Alien Cathouse – Amargosa
  • Bella’s Hacienda Ranch – Wells
  • Big 4 Ranch – Ely
  • Bunny Ranch (Moonlite) – Carson City
  • Calico Club – Battle Mountain
  • Chicken Ranch – near Vegas in Pahrump
  • Desert Rose – Elko
  • Donna’s Ranch – Wells
  • Dovetail Ranch – Carlin
  • Inez’s D&D Bar – Elko
  • Kit Kat Ranch – Mound House / Carson City
  • Love Ranch North – Reno
  • Love Ranch South – Carson City
  • Madame Butterfly Massage – Nye
  • Sagebrush Ranch – Carson City
  • Sharon’s Brothel Bar – Carlin
  • Sheri’s Ranch – closest brothel near Las Vegas
  • Sue’s Fantasy Club – Elko
  • Wild Cat Brothel – Mina
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