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Hale Koa or Trump International Hotel Waikiki? Where did PM Scott Morrison stay when escaping a crisis?

Wildfires in Australia: Prime Minister escaping to Hawaii on vacation

Hale Koa or Trump International Hotel Waikiki? Where did PM Scott Morrison stay when escaping a crisis?

Hale Koa Hotel is an oceanfront retreat for U.S. military members and families on sunny shores of Waikiki Beach. The hotel just finished the addition of a water park. You cannot book the hotel on Expedia, but hotel stays have to be reserved through the U.S. Government. It appears the hotel may be the place the  Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his family may have been staying, possibly shielded by military and security.  All guests of the hotel are mostly  U.S. Government or military officials.  Regardless, Morisson was spotted watching the famous Waikiki sunset from a spot in front of that hotel. eTN tried to confirm this with Hale Koa, but only a listing for a William Morisson was known.

Other rumors on twitter placed Morisson at the nearby Trump International Hotel in Waikiki. The hotel is within walking distance to Hale Koa.

Did Australia Prime Minister Morisson stay at Hale Koa Waikiki ?

Scott Morrison PM Australia in Waikiki

While the PM was enjoying the Aloha State, Australia’s devastating wildfires destroyed close to 200 homes this weekend and claimed another life. As a consequence, Prime Minister Scott Morrison canceled his family vacation in Hawaii and returned to the country after intense criticism that he left during a national crisis.

In a series of interviews on Monday Morrison cited family commitments as the reason for his decision to go on a vacation to the Aloha State of Hawaii during one of the worst crises Australia faced. The Prime Minister compared himself to a plumber forced to choose between a Friday afternoon job or seeing his family.

“The bottom line is Morrison doesn’t cut the mustard as a leader. Our beautiful country was burning and he snuck out. Hawaii will always be there. If he wants to be a good dad teach his children well. If his love depends on a Hawaiin holiday Australia has a problem,” was one of many comments.

The Prime Minister held a media conference at the Rural Fire Service headquarters in Sydney this morning, apologizing for being out of the country while chunks of it were burning.

“If you had your time over again and you had the benefit of hindsight we would have made different decisions,” Mr. Morrison told reporters. I am sure Australians are fair-minded and understand that when you make a promise to your kids you try and keep it. But as Prime Minister, you have other responsibilities, and I accept that and I accept the criticism. I apologize for that.”

Documents Reveal Government Awarded $110,000 To Scott Morrison‘s Sydney Church, while farmers are in the middle of the one the worst droughts ever…… Now THAT is pure bastardry, was another comment posted to Twitter.

Another comment: Scott Morrison had years to do something about climate change and real environment policies and has actively chosen not to. Here or Hawaii, he is irrelevant. In the meantime, Morrison said there’s no need to change any measures on climate change at all. A citizen responded, “Well, I say to Mr. Morrison people are scared.”

Morisson shared his criticism against climate change with U.S. president Trump. LBC News reported, the PM conceded that climate change was contributing to changing weather patterns, but denied that it had directly caused Australia’s wildfires.  “It’s not a credible suggestion to make that link,” he said. “There is no argument … about the links between broader issues of global climate change and weather events around the world,” he said. “But I’m sure people equally would acknowledge that the direct connection to any single fire event.” He said he knew Australians were anxious about the fires but insisted that the emergency response was “the best in the world”.