Visa waivers extended to more tourists


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said yesterday that it has decided to extend visa waivers, effective from Oct. 1, to citizens of Poland and Slovakia for a maximum stay of 30 days.
Anne Hung, director-general of the MOFA’s Department of European Affairs, made the announcement at a regular press briefing, adding that holders of passports from Hungary will also be eligible for visa-free entry starting Nov. 1.

Noting that the gross domestic product per capita of Poland, Slovakia and Hungary is US$11,000 US$14,000 and US$20,000, respectively, Hung said that the decision was made with the aim of boosting Taiwan’s economy and tourism.

Also, the ministry hopes that the EU will eventually make a reciprocal offer to Taiwan to facilitate travel to Europe by Taiwan citizens, she added.

“We would like to show our goodwill first by allowing passport holders from the European Union to travel to our country without visas,” Hung said. “Meanwhile, it is our goal to have our citizens enjoy similar visa exemption when they travel to Europe, and we are working very hard to achieve this.”

She said that starting in November, 20 of the EU’s 27 member countries will be included in the visa waiver program.