Tourism seminar for US marketing held in Tanzania


The President of North America’s National Tour Association (NTA) Lisa Simon is visiting Tanzania to share views with tour operators and other tourist business stakeholders on best approaches to penetrate the lucrative American travel market.

The NTA President held a seminar in Tanzania’s capital city of Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean on Monday, while today she’s expected to meet with a large group of 100 tour operators, hotel stakeholders and travel package sellers in northern tourist city of Arusha.

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While in Dar es Salaam, Lisa Simon discussed the contribution of tourism to the global economy, statistics on US travel to Africa, specifically Tanzania, and the profiles of various market segments.

She said Africa receive less travelers from North America compared to other parts of the world, despite the abundant and rich tourist attractions this continent has been endowed with, including rich cultures, wildlife and natural scenery.

Market segments available in the USA that Africa and Tanzania had not yet targeted are the Faith based travelers, Adventure travelers, Luxury market, Student and Youth interactions, Baby boomers and American seniors.

Other topics of discussion were the Assessment of Africa and Tanzania as a Brand in correction with these markets, overview of the US Travel Trade and its Distribution system, Profile of National Tour Association, Marketing to the travel trade and How to utilize National Tour Association resources to reach the travel trade.

To attract more North American travelers to Tanzania and Africa, the NTA President said investment in educating North American travelers on Africa and diversity of tourist products was a vital undertaking.

Other key areas of great emphasis in attracting American visitors are the online marketing, blogs and social media outlets which have so far informed and attracted many travelers from America to Tanzania and Africa, according to NTA President.

The US is Tanzania’s second leading source of tourists, recording over 55,000 tourists each year, mostly hunters, photographic safari makers and Mount Kilimanjaro climbers.