Australia needs your input


Every month many thousands of people are stranded across Victoria, Australia. These people turn to the police, consulates, transport providers, emergency relief agencies and Travellers Aid for advice, support and assistance.

What Travellers Aid wants to know is how many people find themselves needing travel assistance? How many are currently helped? Where are they traveling to? Are the current systems of help and support working? Are there ways we can make the systems better? Do we know what happens to the travelers who are assisted?

The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation in Melbourne, Australia has funded research for Travellers Aid. This research is being conducted by People First –Total Solutions on behalf of Travellers Aid.

If you work in the travel or service industries in Victoria or Melbourne, Travellers Aid would like you to complete a survey; please go to: . The survey closes on October 22, 2008. The resuls will be compiled by People First – Total Solutions, who will provide Travellers Aid with the overall results. Travellers Aid staff will not see individual responses.