Guitar, made entirely of cocaine, intercepted at Cancun Airport

Guitar, made entirely of cocaine, intercepted at Cancun Airport

Mexican authorities said that they intercepted an electric guitar made entirely of cocaine at Cancun International Airport.

An airline passenger passing through Cancun International Airport was flagged for further screening after the individual’s red electric guitar was put through an X-ray scanner.

The instrument caught the attention of customs personnel due to its abnormal weight. A drug dog was called to the scene, which quickly sniffed out the presence of an illicit substance.

Apparently, a crafty narcotics smuggler was no match for airport security.

It’s not clear how much cocaine was packed into the phony instrument. A photograph shows a diligent police canine pawing at the guitar, as his handler inspects the illicit object, but, according to airport security and drug enforcement authorities, a guitar was “completely made of drugs,” presumably cocaine.

Earlier this week, Mexican officials also announced that they had seized 128 pounds of cocaine, wrapped in 50 individual packages, from a passenger from Ecuador.

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