Change of name for tourist swamp


Forestry Tasmania has renamed a tourist attraction near Smithton in the north west, to Tarkine Forest Adventures.

It believes the old name, Dismal Swamp, was putting tourists off.

The tourist attraction opened four years ago and was named Dismal Swamp because the giant slide and nature walks are built around an actual swamp.

But in the year before last, Forestry Tasmania’s profits from the centre dropped by $200,000.

Forestry Tasmania’s Ken Jeffreys says feedback from tourists highlighted that the name was wasn’t very enticing.

Forestry has been considering a new name for the last two months, and after public input it’s decided on, Tarkine Forest Adventures.

Forestry is also working on plans for another tourist hub at Maydena in the Derwent Valley.

The original plan for a hauler railcar was deemed unviable.