UK travel industry failing to embrace multi-channel selling


The travel industry, including airlines and online travel companies, is losing revenues through poor multi-channel integration and customer service, according to a new report from Foviance and RXPerience.

A report titled, ‘How the travel sector is failing to embrace multi-channel selling’, reveals how many U.K. travel companies aren’t effectively integrating on- and offline channels. The end result is a less than consistent level of customer service across all channels.

“The nightmare that the research did reveal is that organizationally, the call centre and the website, and any other channels for that matter, are on the whole, managed by entirely separate functions,” writes Paul Blunden, CEO of Foviance, on his blog.

The report, which includes tips for marketers on multi-channel integration, concludes that ignoring a customer’s desire to move across channels when dealing with them leads to lost revenues and ultimately, lost audience.