Central America declares 2012 the Year of Sustainable Tourism


Central America will attend FITUR 2012 in order to inaugurate its Year of Sustainable Tourism, an initiative set up by the Heads of State and Government of the countries that make up the Region, namely Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. This measure makes part of the Region’s Plan 2009-2013, whose purpose is to promote sustainable development through tourism.

This project will pay close attention to the issue of climate change and ethical tourism practices, as well as securing the participation of local communities and small and medium-sized companies from the industry when it comes to preserving the natural and cultural heritage that exists throughout the Region.

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Furthermore, in order to boost the benefits offered by this program, different measures will be strengthened in fields as diverse as the integral management of disasters and climate change, safety and security and the battle against poverty and social exclusion.

Furthermore, support for the establishment of a Central American Customs Union will be maintained, with a view to boosting trade and facilitating migratory movements. This initiative promotes air and land connections, as well as cruise routes, providing a boost for the tourist industry and benefiting both local communities and small and medium-sized companies.

In 2012, Central America will also mark the new era in the Region’s development within the context of Mayan Culture, a project that seeks to strengthen the cultural identity of Central America.