Intrepid Travel announces launch of voluntourism projects


Due to the increasing need for development work overseas, Intrepid Travel has launched voluntourism projects in 10 countries. Intrepid encourages adventure travelers to get involved in community development and to make a difference while traveling.

Based in small remote villages in stunning rural locations, Intrepid Make a Difference (MAD) volunteers will be part of a team of up to 12 people, living and working together to assist local community development – everything from building schools to renovating medical centers and setting up water tanks.

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Each project is researched and has to meet certain criteria such as long and short-term benefits to the host community. While the project itself is led by the community, Intrepid MAD’s role is to act as a catalyst, both financially and motivationally to get the project up and running. This way when Intrepid leaves, the voluntourism project will continue to be managed and owned by the community.

The key to any Intrepid MAD voluntourism project is the partnership between the volunteer, the team and the local community. As well as bringing essential funding to the project, the presence of a team of volunteers in the village community can be a great motivator to local people.

“It was an amazing experience to have lived in an African village, experience their lifestyle, help improve their community and teach the children.” commented former Tanzania volunteer Lindsay Pai. “The fact that while we did this we were also able to go on safaris or go to Zanzibar and see amazing places makes the experience even better.”

Travelers can make a difference by choosing from 2- to 6-week building, teaching and youth development voluntourism projects in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.