Peru is set to host UNWTO’s World Tourism Day


Is the world ready or in the mood to celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27?

Since adoption of the statutes in 1970 and designated as World Tourism Day by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) since 1979, Global tourism has since then seen its role of fostering “awareness among the international community on the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic values” not only change lives, but even change a nation’s entire course.

As movements in nations across the globe more and more adopts the chant of “greening the earth,” the global focus for this year’s campaign is to implement the Davos Declaration which builds on the tourism sector’s “strong relationship” with climate and its global social and economic value, as well as its own role in maintaining sustainable developments.

UNWTO’s World Tourism Day is hosted by a different country every year. This year, Peru will is hosting an ongoing week-long celebrations with the theme, “Tourism Responding To The Challenge Of Climate Change,” a topic which has been on everybody’s lips since Al Gore, former US vice president made climate change popular.

Callyoma Municipality, a province located in the region of Arequipa, in the south of Peru is hosting World Tourism Day from September 21-27 with a “tourist parade” featuring traditional dances from the region, as well as other regions in Peru through the main streets of White City.

In addition, during Colca Week, a series of artistic and cultural activities, local foods and an exhibitions of native paintings depicting the beauty of Colca Valley will be held at the Main Square to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

“These activities are aimed at encouraging people to vote for the Colca Valley in the New Seven Wonders of Nature Campaign,” said town mayor, Jorge Cueva Tejada. During the week-long event, computers will be installed in the Main Square to enable visitors to cast their vote for the Colca Valley.

According to PromPeru, the country’s tourism promotion agency, Peru recorded a total of 1.8 millions visitors in 2007, pouring US$2.2 billion into the Andean nation. “Peru is targeting 2 million visitors in 2008,” said Mercedes Araoz, foreign trade and tourism minister. Peru is not aiming to lure massive tourists, but a small number who come for the the “quality experience”.

” A rapid increase in the number of tourists would not benefit Peru,” added PromPeru. “Peru will go the path of protecting valuable patrimony and providing a safe experience for tourists.”