Japanese and Korean travelers pick Guam as a top destination


TUMON, Guam – Japanese travelers make up 70.9 percent of Guam’s arrivals, with Koreans comprising 12.8 percent this calendar year to date. So it’s no surprise that Guam ranks highly in the Visa Global Travel Intentions Survey 2011.

According to the survey, Japanese travelers (11 percent of respondents) ranked Guam as the 8th most likely international leisure destination in the next 2 years. South Koreans (12 percent of respondents) also placed the island in 8th place. There were a total of 15 leisure travel destinations ranked.

The survey also reveals the demographics of Japanese and Korean travelers most likely to visit Guam in the next 2 years. Japanese travelers are generally married with kids, an average of 40 years old, and seek self-organized travel with family or relatives. They seek accommodations at 3- to 4-star hotels and are willing to pay extra for beauty or wellness treatments. Their average stay would be 6 nights.

Korean travelers are single, an average of 32 years old, and are interested in flexible individual tours with family or relatives. Koreans also prefer 3- to 4-star hotels, stay an average of 8 nights, and would pay more for exotic locations and local cuisine.

“It’s no surprise that Japanese and Korean travelers love Guam’s unique culture, pristine marine environment, and duty-free shopping,” said GVB General Manager Joann Camacho, “We’re committed to strengthening our reputation as a luxury travel destination so that perhaps next survey, Guam will rank first.”

In August 2011, Japanese travelers ranked Guam 2nd in the category, “The Best 20 Beaches in Japan & Overseas,” on Trip Advisor. In addition, Guam’s Coco Palm Garden Beach ranked 19th, and Guam’s northern Ritidian Point ranked 20th in the “Best Beaches” category. Guam finished 7th in “The Best Places You Have Visited” in 2010.

This calendar year to date, Guam has received 678,254 Japanese visitors and 122,176 Korean visitors.