The list just keeps growing – Denver-based Frontier Airlines has become the latest carrier to announce added fees and restrictions for baggage and special services as the industry faces rising fuel prices.

In a statement late last week, Frontier announced added fees for checking a second bag, oversized baggage, and unaccompanied minors as well as other services. “Unfortunately, we need to review our fee structure to help offset this incredible increase in fuel,” Frontier CEO Sean Menke said.

The Denver Post reports changes take effect on June 10 and include: a $25 fee for a second checked bag; a $50 fee for an unaccompanied minor, up from $40; a $75 fee for overweight and oversized bags, up from $50; and $35 for a paper ticket, an increase from $25.

And if you plan on carrying your latest hunting trophy onboard, watch out – the airline increased its charge for checking antlers from $75 to $100.

Frontier also changed its policy to prohibit pets from travelling in the passenger cabin.

The announcement comes as no surprise – other airlines have been adding similar fees and price increases to battle the ongoing increases in fuel prices. As ANN reported, last week American Airlines announced a charge for passengers carrying a single checked bag.

“We have taken numerous proactive steps to keep our fuel costs as low as possible without impacting our customers,” CEO Menke added.

Existing ticketed passengers are safe and will not be forced to pay the higher fees. Also exempt are active duty military personnel and some Frontier Airlines mileage rewards customers.

In April, the Denver-based parent of Frontier Airlines filed a Chapter 11 petition in US Bankruptcy court for protection from creditors as it restructures debt. Though numerous changes are planned during the restructure, Menke has reinforced the airline remains focused on staying a standalone carrier within the industry.