Tourism Train to stop at all Iran’s cultures


TEHRAN – Experts are preparing a virtual tour of Iran’s cultures entitled Tourism Train, which will become a permanent exhibit at Tehran’s Sadabad Cultural Historical Complex in the near future.

“Besides historical and natural attractions, Iran has many fascinating cultures in different regions,” complex director Esmat Shayeq said in a press release issued on Tuesday.

Exhibits of Iranian cultures and subcultures will be put on display in the exhibition, beginning with the nomad cultures. Their rituals, family relationships, their costumes for mourning and weddings are being compiled and studied for the display, she explained.

The tour introduces cultures of different provinces and helps foreign tourists to choose which cities to visit according to their interests, she mentioned.

“In addition, it is a great opportunity for tourists who don’t have enough time to tour all of Iran’s cities,” she added.

She pointed to the important role people play in preserving their cultural heritage and said that the private sector sponsors the tour.

The Sadabad complex is an important institution and is an appropriate place to establish such a tour that will improve the tourism industry and Iran’s economic situation, she concluded.