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Florence Council approves whopping tourist tax increase

Florence Council approves whopping tourist tax increase

Florence remodeled the tourist tax which from next January increases from 10 cents all the way up to one euro depending on the various types of reception. No taking small incremental steps here.

An increase in resources for the municipal coffers is expected to be around 4 million euros with a total receipt for the next year of approximately 43 million euros to be allocated to the redevelopment of services for tourists and residents.

“The review of the tourist tax,” says a note issued by the Florentine municipal administration, “is consistent with the current provisions of the national law.”

It is difficult to hypothesize if and how many other municipalities will follow the example of Florence and will increase the payment of their city tax.

Certainly this entry of income for the 156 Italian municipalities that have adopted it so far has become a precious resource that the Tourist Tax Observatory has estimated to be around 600 million euro for the current year, after having reached the record figure of 580 million in 2018.