ADTA launches visitor profiling campaign


ABU DHABI – Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), which manages the tourism industry within Abu Dhabi, the largest of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates, has launched a year-long visitor profile campaign to gain crucial insights into a variety of inbound tourism drivers.

In excess of 5,000 visitors to Abu Dhabi are to be interviewed by a professional research company commissioned to carry out the survey, which touches on a range of issues including spending patterns, length of stay, accommodation preferences and activities undertaken.

The survey, which will span a full year to gauge seasonality fluctuations, will begin next month and will see visitors being asked to answer questions at key entry points and attractions within the emirate, most predominantly on arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

“ADTA’s initial aims of establishing local credibility for the tourism sector and developing destination awareness amongst the travel trade in key markets have now largely been achieved as evidenced by the considerable investment now being made by both the private and public sector in the industry and the steady growth in hotel guest numbers,” said His Excellency Mubarak Al Muhairi, Director General, ADTA.

“We are now moving to a new level in the development of Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry at a time when globally the sector is undergoing intense dynamism. Increasing sophistication within the international market place and particularly within our target high-end segment requires an increasingly sophisticated response for client fulfilment. To be able to plan and deliver the correct response, we have to fully understand the habits and requirements of those now visiting the emirate and who we hope will return repeatedly and become destination proponents.”

Initial results from the survey are expected in the first quarter of next year with ADTA committed to sharing the feedback with its key stakeholders.

“Tourism is a very elastic industry which impacts a range of other organizations both in the private and public domain. Our ultimate success lies in progressing in collaboration with these key stakeholders,” explained Al Muhairi.

“To date there has been little solid data available to profile the range of tourists Abu Dhabi is now receiving – business tourists, fully-inclusive tour guests or family and friend visitors. This initial visitor survey will help address this paucity of vital information and will be complemented by a market segmentation and brand tracking studies which we hope to undertake shortly. All will inform the future strategy of ADTA as it continues to promote Abu Dhabi as an international destination of distinction.”