Going to the Chapel


Thailand is a country entwined with romance. Exotic and alluring, it is a beautiful tropical paradise where love blossoms as colourful as the orchid flowers that grow abundantly. It is the perfect idyllic destination to tie the knot of love and indulge in an exclusively unique honeymoon that keep the seeds of your relationship burning for time immemorial.

Our Kingdom is a breathtaking nirvana that star-crossed lovers will instantly call home. Blessed with diversity and variety, this ancient mystical land has it all—palm studded white sandy beaches, forested mountains cloaked in dawn mists, well-preserved ruins of historic civilisations, not to mention the excitement of the capitol Bangkok where old and modern blend in dramatic fashion.

While Thailand’s pleasant year-round climate, arresting scenery and remarkable architecture are deservedly famous, its welcoming people and rich exuberant culture are equally fascinating. Arouse the sense and experience together the fabulous breadth of traditional customs, cuisines, music, dance, and art.

Your once in a lifetime honeymoon in Thailand can be enjoyed together trekking atop lumbering majestic elephants through the lush dense forest canopies in Thailand’s North, or bathing under radiant sunsets hand-in-hand on the powdery sandy beaches that line the country’s pristine shoreline. Tee-off on a lush tropical fairway at the numerous internationally designed golf courses, or be gently pampered within the relaxing setting of a sumptuous spa.

Nestled in the heart of Southeast Asia, travellers have long considered Thailand as the gateway to Asia. Our strategic position means that we are a convenient aviation hub for visitors the world over, with most of the world’s major airlines serving the Thai capital. Such easy access means that your wedding guests can arrive easily from all corners of the globe.