Ceremonial Splendour


Thailand is predominantly Buddhist in belief, and even if you are not of this religious persuasion, a matrimonial joining by auspicious amber-robed holy men is a unique and deeply spiritual blessing by which to begin the years of wedded fortitude.

The magical ritual of a traditional Thai wedding ceremony commences early in the cool morning air at a nearby temple, where invited monks hypnotically chant to give prayer and well wishes for the marriage. In respectful return, the bride and groom present food offerings to gain merit.

As the husband-to-be walks to the ceremony, he is accompanied by chattering guests and a costumed troupe of rousing Long Drum musicians proudly pounding the call that the groom is approaching.

Surrounded by guests seated on the floor, the bride and groom seal the marital bond as an elder ties the couple’s wrists and heads together with thread. This ancient symbolic joining puts new meaning to the expression “tying the knot.”

Pretty garlands and blessings are bestowed by family and close friends, and guests then pour holy water from a conch shell over the hands of the newly-weds. All this takes place among the fragrance of vibrant floral arrangements and with the melodious chorus of traditional Thai music, stringed by smiling local performers.

If a Buddhist ceremony does not suit your religious inclination, arranging a marriage to suit whatever persuasion will never be a difficulty, as we Thais are very tolerant and always eager to please all guests to our welcoming Kingdom. Whether you desire to be joined by a Catholic priest, Muslim imam, Jewish rabbi, or a simple civil ceremony, we will ensure your marriage will be the most memorable day of your life.