LOS ANGELES – The Phelps Group has successfully defended creative and media chores on its long-held Tahiti Tourism business, according to client managing director Al Keahi. Billings are $2-3 million, according to the client.

Search consultancy Livingston Wilson & Associates in Laguna Hills, Calif., led the review, which also included finalists WongDoody and Kaiser Advertising, both here.

This marks the third time in 16 years Santa Monica, Calif.-based Phelps has prevailed in a Tahiti Tourism review. (The shop also handles PR for the client. That portion of the business was not included in the just-completed review.)

“These reviews cause you to reexamine your thinking,” said Joe Phelps, agency principal. “We were early to move online with the account, but that has increased in importance.”

Creatively, work continues to target the “affluent and super-affluent” with its tagline, “Islands beyond the ordinary,” Keahi. Visuals linger on beachfront bungalows, tropical serenity and island culture.

“I like it because it doesn’t overpromise, but appeals to the super-affluent,” Keahi said.

Since only about 250,000 tourists (40 percent from the U.S. and Canada) visit Tahiti annually, the El Segundo, Calif.-based client – which oversees Tahitian tourism efforts for North America — does not employ what Keahi called “mass-marketing techniques,” but relies on specialized print pubs such as Cigar Aficionado and magazines for BMW and Mercedes enthusiasts.