Culinary Coupling


What better way to start a marriage than together learning the culinary art of Thai cooking at one of the many day-long cooking schools offered in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, and Phuket. As newly-weds, you can both take turns in the kitchen, practicing the delicate art of fruit and vegetable carving as well as discovering the impressive variety of regional dishes that will certainly add spice and flavour to your kitchen and your union. Return home and as a couple invite your family and friends over to sample your newly gained expertise on the mouth-watering delights of Thai gastronomy.

Culinary Schools
The Oriental Hotel Cooking School
48 Oriental Avenue
Tel: 0 2659 9000

Chiang Mai
Baan Thai Cooking School
Ratchadamneon Road
Tel: 0 5335 7339

Phuket Thai Cookery School
39/4 Thep Prathan Road
Tel: 0 7625 2353-5

Ko Samui
Chaweng Beach
Tel: 0 7741 3172