Dylan sings hard warning at WTM


The sound of music will be beautiful but harrowing at WTM’s World Responsible Tourism Day. Bob Dylan’s iconic “Hard Rain” is to feature at the opening ceremony on Wednesday, November 12. Mark Edwards’ dramatic presentation, which has enjoyed rave reviews worldwide, is a series of unforgettable graphic images set to the words and music of Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.”

“What’s astonishing is that these words were written in the 1960’s when environmental issues such as climate change were simply not recognized,” said Fiona Jeffery, chairman of World Travel Market. “When you add the potency of stark graphic images to the words and haunting music, the messages have even greater impact and significance for the international travel industry. This is going to be an environmental opening ceremony like no other. It offers delegates a spectacular and inspiring reminder of the challenges that face our industry. The pictures are not always easy on the eye, but are also a positive message of hope.”

Mark Edwards, one of the most widely-published editorial photographers in the world, has made “Hard Rain” a lifetime’s work. Regarded as the leading specialist photographer on environmental issues, the Third World and nature, Edwards will officially open WTM’s World Responsible Tourism Day at ExCeL London with a glimpse of the “Hard Rain” presentation.

He will also stage the complete 45-minute presentation twice at World Travel Market, on Tuesday, November 11, as well as on WTM’s World Responsible Tourism Day.

The presentation has prompted global support from leading celebrities, major environmental organizations and politicians such as former UK prime minister, Tony Blair.

It is thought to have captured the essence of environmental problems more vividly than Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.”

“The Hard Rain Picture Show takes audiences on a journey through rainforests, man-made deserts, inside shantytowns and peasant villages and into communities of indigenous people living in the most remote habitats on earth,” said Edwards. “It is not another travelogue or an exercise in hand-wringing. The presentation takes us face to face with our problems and the solutions hidden inside the issues that define the 21st century. I hope it will inspire and encourage the international travel industry, not only to participate in the complex debate about how best to address the pressing problems that threaten to engulf us, but also to take action by supporting WTM’s World Responsible Tourism Day.”

“Hard Rain is electrifying,” said Jeffery. “The most important presentation I have ever seen on responsible tourism, forcing us to question how we conduct business and live our lives. Amazing.”

“Hard Rain” Program, WTM Conference Set, Platinum 4, Level 3, ExCeL London

Tuesday, November 11
1400 hrs – presentation

Wednesday, November 12
1030 hrs – WTM’s World Responsible Tourism Day official opening by Mark Edwards

1630 hrs – presentation

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