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Flying Around Europe is About to Get Even Cheaper

Flying Around Europe is About to Get Even Cheaper

In the modern world, the ease of finding cheap tickets has changed the way of travel. Even students can afford a vacation in Europe. You can go to Paris or Prague for a weekend without hesitation. The flight anywhere on the Continent will not exceed the cost of $250.

Low-cost airlines

Budget airlines usually offer flights between major European cities for $50–250. Moreover, it is quite possible to feasible to lace together a far-flung trip, for example, from Spain to France to Italy. Reality is that you can even fly with large airlines at an affordable price; after adding taxes and a large number of fees, these flights can be really useful. However, the cheapest tickets are sold out very quickly.

One-way flights on low-cost airlines are generally as affordable as roundtrip flights. You can connect a couple of cheap flights with one or different airlines to get to your destination. If you’re lucky, you can even find affordable tickets to Russia. One or two changes and you are in the famous Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg. Before making a route of your trip to Europe, check the websites for the best deals. You may change your plans a little, but it’s a great opportunity to save money.

Many travelers use the services of budget airlines to connect the dots on their itinerary. If there is no direct low-cost flight to Rome, perhaps there is an alternative that goes to Naples. Many flight search websites have the option “nearby airports”, which is very useful in such cases. Even if you add the cost of a train ticket from Naples to Rome, the total amount can be much lower than the price of a direct flight.

Are there any downsides?

With low cost, flights come potential pitfalls. Very often budget airlines set some restrictions. If you don’t know about them, you can overpay twice at the airport when your vacation will be at stake.

  • Budget tickets are often non-refundable. Many airlines accept only online booking, so in case of problems, it can be difficult to contact a customer service representative.
  • Low-cost airlines don’t make a lot of money on your ticket, so they try to find other ways to increase their profits, for example, by selling drinks and food with overpriced prices on the board.
  • Don’t think that your bag is considered hand luggage in Europe; low-cost airlines usually use smaller dimensions than other carriers. To avoid unpleasant surprises, read the baggage policy carefully.
  • In many low-cost airlines, the price of baggage gradually increases with the approach of your departure. You should pay the fee for your baggage when you purchase a ticket.

This advice helps you save money, and there is no sense in paying more than you have to. Just spend some time on reading all the fine print carefully, so you know what you’re getting into.

Flying Around Europe is About to Get Even Cheaper Flying Around Europe is About to Get Even Cheaper