Attractions of the Seychelles for Korean travelers


The Korea Travel News has this week joined forces with the Seychelles Tourism Board to make these tropical islands more known in Korea. The known and much respected Korea Travel News carried an interview made by Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, when he transited Seoul from the 19th Session of the UNWTO General Assembly.

The interview centered on the attractions of the Seychelles for would-be Korean travelers. In the interview, Alain St.Ange speaks about the unique beauty of the Seychelles, the diversity that exists with this group of mid-ocean islands offering both hilly granitic islands and the low-lying flat coral islands giving to visitors a two-destination option in the one holiday.

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The head of the Seychelles Tourism Board also spoke about the niche market options citing big game fishing, diving, sailing, bush walks, island hopping, bird watching, and casinos as ideal holiday activities in what is considered the last paradise on Earth. Alain St.Ange also highlighted in this published interview the safety aspect of Seychelles as a crime-free destination and one where Korean visitors do not need visas or inoculations for entry.

Seychelles is more known in Korea since the official visit by President James Michel to Korea just over a year ago. The Seychelles Tourism Board now has a full-fledged office in Seoul.