Turkey readies for international air show


ISTANBUL, Turkey (eTN) – The 9th of the traditional ölüdeniz Air Games Festival, organized by the Ölüdeniz Municipality, will take place this year between the dates of October 15-19.

Approximately 160 athletes from 40 countries will participate in the festival this year. Ölüdeniz is one of the foremost paragliding centers in the world, not just due to its breathtaking views, but also with the many opportunities for paragliders of all grades. The four-day International festival will kick off in Fethiye with 5,000 paragliders from approximately 35 different countries will participate in the free flight from Babadağ to Ölüdeniz .

Ölüdeniz Air Games is the world’s second best festival, after France’s. By picking those dates, festival organizers wants to extend the tourism season in Ölüdeniz during the month of October, which is the most suitable time for the festival. There will be activities at the beach for people who don’t paraglide. The atmosphere in Ölüdeniz will be very festive.

Each year, around 40,000 para-gliders jump off here. Paragliding, a favorite sport for native and foreign tourists, will bring together the whole world in Ölüdeniz with this organization. This year participation is expected from Bolivia, Canada, Afghanistan, Iran, Argentine, Israel, Egypt, Russia, USA, Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Syria, Romania, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Finland.

Olu deniz is one of the best places in Europe for paragliding hence in the last ten years the area became mecca for paragliders from all over the world. Paragliders from all nations come to Olu deniz for some of their best flights of life time- with turquoise blue waters, white stretch of beaches, several take off points at different heights and locations makes Oludeniz the ideal place for both novice and experienced pilots.