Seychelles showcases itself at Routes summit


Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, took the floor on Tuesday, October 4, and presented the Seychelles at the Ministerial Briefing program of the World Routes Development Strategy Summit in Berlin. After Equador and Poland, it was the the turn of the Seychelles to showcase itself to those gathered at the Routes summit.

“On behalf of the islands of the Seychelles, I feel honored to stand before you at this Ministerial Briefing session and represent the smallest nation on the planet with a population of only 87,000 people. A country whose very prosperity depends on its tourism, and that tourism in turn, on adequate airlift.

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“Seychelles is conveniently situated at the center of the world, advantageously straddling its time zones for the benefit not only of visitors, but investors, too. We are the land of perpetual summer, world-beating beaches, and awesome diversity where a people with multi-ethnic roots continue to live in enviable harmony.

“Seychelles’ tourism is flourishing, and the existing airlift is rapidly bringing us to a point where we are only one stop from anywhere on the planet, creating the possibility for connections via airlines who will be able to open up the world for us… and themselves.

“And this is because Seychelles is eminently marketable as a brand which possesses powerful associations and that resonates strongly worldwide. Over 115 sparkling islands offer almost surreal contrast between towering granite islands with mist-clad peaks and low-lying coral islands surrounded by pristine, sapphire waters. We enjoy an amazing diversity of topography, which effectively means that you can enjoy two destinations in one.”

Supporting Alain St.Ange as he delivered his address at the Ministerial Briefing was Conrad Benoiton, a Board Member of the Tourism Board of Seychelles; Elsia Grandcourt, the Board’s Deputy CEO; Gilbert Faure, the CEO of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority; and Florence Marengo also from the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Using a spectacular Seychelles promotional film as his backdrop, Alain St.Ange continued by saying:

“We offer diversity of the people who make up our population, our rich culture, architecture, delicious Seychellois Creole cuisine, and suite of activities that includes fishing, diving, sailing, walks and trails, spa and wellness holidays, unbeatable romantic breaks, golf, island hopping, bird watching, honeymoon holidays, etc.

“We also boast a broad choice of international events that includes the annual Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria in March, SUBIOS – the Seychelles Festival of the Sea in November, Festival Kreol in October, plus the Eco Healing Marathon, Seychelles Regatta, the Seychelles Ball, and the Miss Seychelles contest – all designed to whet the appetite of visitors to visit our shores.

“As you look at the promotional film of Seychelles that is now playing behind me, I would like to remind you that, perhaps contrary to what you may have experienced before, the images you see, stunning as they are, and try as much as we may, do not do full justice to the breathtaking beauty of the destinations.”

Mr. St.Ange then continued to spell out the unique selling points of the Seychelles. Everyone gathered applauded the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board as he wound up his address and when he invited questions from the floor