Uzbek-Kyrgyz tensions will continue without justice for victims, UN told


Ethnic tensions between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz since deadly clashes last year will not be resolved until there is a full investigation into the violence and the perpetrators are punished, Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister told the General Assembly today.

Elyor Ganiev told the Assembly’s annual general debate that the clashes of June 2010 have become “a serious challenge to peace and stability in the Central Asian region.”

Hundreds of people were killed amid inter-ethnic clashes focused mainly in southern Kyrgyzstan, and an estimated 375,000 others were displaced from their homes.

Kyrgyzstan set up an inquiry commission into the violence and last week Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, in a meeting with Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbaeva, encouraged the country to implement the recommendations contained in the commission’s report.

But Mr. Ganiev said that “no political and legal findings were made to date with regard to all those forces and specific individuals who ordered, organized and perpetrated the crimes.

“Until these investigations are not carried out up to the end and the perpetrators – irrespective of their nationality, background and position – are not punished, it is difficult to expect the restoration of trust and cooperation between the Uzbek community and the Kyrgyz.”