Tourism Trust Fund launches E-Tourism seminars for the sector’s recovery


The Tourism Trust Fund, (TTF) is launching a series of E- Tourism seminars on 3-6th June 2008 as part of their efforts to get the damaged tourism sector back on track and to look at how technology can be used in recovery initiatives.

The three phase seminars will commence with a day-long practical workshop on management of information during crisis periods that will include a review of how information pertaining to tourism was managed during the recent period of insecurity following the elections.

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International experts will discuss case studies of how other destinations have handled crisis communications, including the 9/11 terror attacks, Bird Flu outbreaks and the Asian tsunami, before working with invited officials from both the public and private sector to devise a strategy for future management of crises.

The following three days will include separate training for individuals and organizations from the public and private sectors in online sales and marketing. The training will stress the importance of incorporating online elements into recovery strategies.

The workshops will be facilitated by Damian Cook, the Managing Director of E-Tourism Africa, a new initiative to develop online tourism across the continent and Peter Varlow, a leading e-marketing consultant and author of a new Handbook for Tourism Destination E-Marketers produced by the European Travel Commission and the UN World Tourism Organisation.

The two were lead presenters at TTF’s extremely popular E-Tourism Conference held in Mombasa last July.
Assisting them will be John Bell, a leading Crisis Management Consultant. He is a Journalist and Broadcaster, Lecturer, Media Trainer, TV and Radio Presenter with 20 years experience in Crisis Management.

Tourism Trust Fund Chief Executive Dr Dan Kagagi says it was imperative that the tourism sector uses technology to recover from the crisis period- and build an even stronger sector for the future.

“Businesses in tourism need to embrace the web in a big way as it has become the predominant means of booking and selling travel. We are confident that coupled with our other initiatives to get our tourism sector back on track, online marketing will ensure sustainability”, observed Dr. Kagagi.

“ We are living up to our mission, part of which is to provide direct support and assistance to local stakeholders, but also to ensure that the destination and its stakeholders are better prepared to compete in the modern marketplace- and be prepared to deal with unexpected developments and crises”.

About TTF

The Tourism Trust Fund, (TTF) was established in 2002 through an agreement by the European Union and the Government of Kenya. The EU has committed Euro 22 million (Ksh 2.2 billion) to the fund to be used to in the development of Kenya’s tourism up to 2007.
The major role of the TTF is to fund the Kenya Tourist Board’s international marketing programme and to fund new tourism projects that will offer visitors a new experience in Kenya, while at the same time conserving the environment. TTF is a funding body and its key objective is to help eradicate poverty through tourism. TTF allocates grants to proposals that meet the required criteria. Under the TDSDP programme TTF funds small scale enterprises develop and sustain tourism projects that offer a new experience away from the traditional beach and safari products. Projects that maintain and preserve the environment, traditional culture and work closely with local communities are given preference.