Komodo Night in Sydney

The Wonders of Komodo landed at the Opera Point Marquee of Sydney’s Opera House, Australia, as Komodo Night was held on Friday, September 9, 2011.

Komodo Night in Sydney

The Wonders of Komodo landed at the Opera Point Marquee of Sydney’s Opera House, Australia, as Komodo Night was held on Friday, September 9, 2011. The event was part of the “Komodo: the Real Wonder of the World” program, a campaign held by Friends of Komodo to promote the wonders that lie within the Komodo National Park. The event featured exhibition, video screening, testimonials, as well as exotic ethnic jazz performances.

“We don’t need tales of Jurassic Park to see a reptile-dominated world. It’s all here (in Komodo National Park).” – BBC Life

Aimed to galvanize participation and support from the media, individuals, zoologists, naturalist, travel agents, travel writers, bloggers, airlines, non-profit organizations, marine biologists, travelers, backpackers, divers, and friends of Komodo around the world, the event was highlighted by speeches from prominent names including: Gary RM Jusuf, from the Consulate General of Indonesia in Sydney; Sapta Nirwandar, Director General for Tourism Marketing of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; and Hermawan Kertajaya, Special Ambassador for Indonesian Tourism and founder of the “Real Wonder of the World” project.

Main attractions of the night were groovy tropical melodies with ethnic nuances brought flawlessly by Ivan Nestorman. The native Flores artist managed to get the 200+ audience on their feet and dance along to his unique music. Director General Sapta Nirwandar also danced to the mystifying music of the unique artist.

Ivan kicked off his performance with a splendid collaboration with Indonesia soulful jazz singer, Dira Sugandhi. The impressive duo brought “Komodo The real Wonder of the World,” “Mayfalie,” and ethnical songs entitled “Ie” and “Benggong.” Ivan went on to play “Flores the Cape of Flowers,” “Mogi Deo Keze Walo,” “Flores Da Bila,” “The Girl From Ipanema,” and a duet with Hans on “Bolelebo.”

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Not only did he bring along a drummer, bassist, and guitarists, Ivan was also accompanied by traditional sasando and Juk musicians. Bringing a full Flores atmosphere, his performance was also accompanied by authentic Ja dancers of Flores.

Another captivating performance was brought by Indonesian Reggae legend Tony Q, who splendidly brought the beach groove to the event.

Director General Sapta Nirwandar explained that Sydney was chosen as representation of the high enthusiasm shown by Australians towards tourism in Indonesia. “The high enthusiasm can be seen from the rapid growth of Australian tourists to Indonesia,” he added.

Bringing the world closer to all the wonders of Komodo, Komodo Night proved to be most effective in promoting the Komodo National Park as the real wonder of the world.

Located between the Indonesian islands of Flores and Sumbawa, the Komodo National Park comprises three islands: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar Islands. The park is famous for its pre-historic Komodo Dragons, where the remaining 3,000 beasts can be found exclusively in this part of the world. Other than being the natural habitat of the Komodo, the park is also home to one of the richest marine environments in the world, with at least 1,000 fish species, hundreds of species of coral, 70 types of sponge, 19 whales and dolphin species, and the gliders of the deep ocean – the Manta Rays.

After the successful staging at the Sydney Opera House, Komodo Night is headed to the United States of America. On September 22, 2011, the Wonders of Komodo will dazzle the audience at Crystal Garden, Navy Pier, Chicago.

More on the Komodo – Real Wonder of the World project can be found at: http://realwonderoftheworld.com

Source: Antaranews.com

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