Is this the way out for Thailand’s political problems?


BANGKOK, Thailand (eTN) – Thailand’s Constitution Court Tuesday found Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej guilty of violating the constitution by hosting two cooking shows on commercial television, the Bangkok Post has reported.

The nine judges voted unanimously that Mr. Samak must step down. They also ruled that cabinet ministers remain in the government until new members are elected.

Mr. Samak was found to have violated the Article 267 of the charter by taking money from a production firm, Face Media, for hosting the Chim Pai Bon Pai (Tasting and Grumbling) and Yok Khayong Hok Mong Chao cooking programs.

The charter prohibits a premier from hosting any position in a partnership, company or an organization carrying out business with a view to sharing profits or income, or being an employee of any person.

The news trickled through yesterday just hours after the monthly Skal lunch held at French restaurant Les Reflexions in the posh Plaza Athenee Hotel located here in Bangkok. Nearly some 50 members and guests from Skal International Bangkok gathered and it was mentioned that Thailand’s travel industry seems on the decline in the wake of the political problems the country is facing.

With yesterday’s court ruling, it seem that, just for the time being, there will be a way out of the turmoil and a quick revival of the tourism industry will be on the horizon again.