Access to Montserrat assured after September 30


BRADES, Montserrat (September 8, 2008) – The Government of Montserrat is currently working on a number of options to ensure the traveling public has uninterrupted access to the island, following the announcement on the weekend by Carib Aviation that it will be ceasing operations to Montserrat and Barbuda come September 30, 2008. Carib cited that this action has become necessary due to rising fuel costs and the loss at short notice of seven pilots.

The Chief Minister of Montserrat is currently in talks with the Antigua Government, Carib Aviation officials and other private sector parties to ensure the long-term continuation of a Carib Aviation Air Service operation for Montserrat and Barbuda that will retain the marketing arrangements with LIAT. An announcement about the resumption of ferry services between Montserrat and Antigua will also be forthcoming within the next few days.

“I wish to reassure the traveling public that they will be able to get to and from Montserrat after September 30, 2008 and not to cancel their travel plans. My Government is working on a number of access options, the details of which will be announced shortly,” said Dr. Lowell Lewis, Chief Minister of Montserrrat.

The traveling public is advised that while Carib Aviation has temporarily stopped taking reservations beyond September 30, 2008, that all future bookings made before today remain valid until further notice. In the meantime, persons desirous of traveling to and from Montserrat after September 30, 2008, are asked to register their name, contact number, date and time of travel, with their travel agent or by e-mailing the Montserrat Tourist Board at