Dethroning Facebook

Is the demise of Facebook inevitable?

Dethroning Facebook

Is the demise of Facebook inevitable? If efforts by a Tampa-based company to dethrone the social networking giant’s “platform of control” succeed, then the unthinkable may just happen – Facebook will fall.

A company called UNTHINK continued its assault on the social networking giant by releasing a fourth video to its series of videos aimed at highlighting “what is wrong with Facebook.” TV stations across the country picked up the first video ( released by UNTHINK, which attacks a litany of Facebook abuses.

According to UNTHINK, its second video ( and third video utilize a virtual housing crisis metaphor to demonstrate Facebook’s illusion of “free” and describe the problem with social media as being about “ownership and freedom.” The fourth video , released yesterday, August 30, pokes fun at Facebook’s endless redesigns.

Reports are surfacing that UNTHINK ( ) is plotting what it calls a “social revolution” to rival Facebook. The Tampa-based company said if the creation of Facebook became “The Social Network,” the creation of UNTHINK is aiming to become “The Social Revolution.” With UNTHINK’s launch just weeks away, a David vs. Goliath battle is brewing between UNTHINK and Facebook.

UNTHINK’s website shows the palm of someone’s hand and what seems to be the company’s logo superimposed over it. The website also uses strong words such as emancipation, enough, and change.

With a barrage of news on Facebook term changes and privacy controversies, UNTHINK said it is challenging “Facebook’s exploitive business ‘logic’, which asks you to ‘build’ on their virtual ‘lot’ and abide by terms they can change at will.” It added, “As Facebook seeks ways to make money, its users are subjected to frequent redesigns, unilateral term changes, and increasingly intrusive advertising.”

The efforts to dethrone Facebook by Tampa-based UNTHINK is the result of what was initially billed as the company’s “secret project .” The company said the idea “was conceived in Tampa, Florida, and has been in the works for nearly four years by a team of almost 100 people from all over the world.”

“The details of what UNTHINK’s platform are yet to be announced,” wrote blogger Mike Schaffer , “The founders are talking a big game. Directly taking on the most successful social media platform in the world takes … cajones… not to mention smarts/insanity.”

With the company hinting that it will begin its unveiling as early as next week, the question, Will UNTHINK generate enough buzz to have a shot at meeting its objective?, will soon be answered. Is the world ready to “emancipate” from Facebook?

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