Seychelles gets noticed by Australia and Australasia travel magazine

The ultimate in holiday destinations has now been noticed by Australia and Australasia.

Seychelles gets noticed by Australia and Australasia travel magazine

The ultimate in holiday destinations has now been noticed by Australia and Australasia. The latest issue of their 176-page glossy “Luxury Travel & Style Magazine” has brought Seychelles into the homes of Australians with their cover article entitled, “Chase the Sun – SEYCHELLES.” Their eight pages of full-color pictures and editorial confirms that these unique islands, sitting in the middle of the Indian Ocean, have “all the ingredients of an island paradise – white sandy beaches, warm turquoise water, and lush tropical rainforest.”

Jenny Koh said that she followed in the footsteps of the royal couple to confirm that it is indeed a hotspot for those in the mood for love. “These fabled islands are a lot more than first-class sun, sand, and sea, of course. Just Ask William and Kate,” said the very experienced Jenny Koh. The article on the Seychelles starts with “If my toes could talk, this is what they’d be saying: I’m in heaven. I’m on a glorious stretch of beach of white sand in Beau Vallon Bay, with the turquoise hues of the Indian Ocean beckoning me to come closer.”

The article in the Australian Luxury Travel & Style magazine came out at the same time as the Seychelles President, Mr. James Michel, was in Australia on the first ever state visit to Australia by a Seychelles President.

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The Seychelles prides itself as being one of the last destinations promoting personalized tourism. Their “Seychelles Brand of Tourism,” launched as the vision of the island’s President after he personally took over the portfolio of tourism, has been noticed from the four corners of the world. Today, the CEO of the island’s Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange, is a regular speaker at tourism conferences. The world wants to know more on the achievements of Seychelles and how they have managed to be increasing their visitor arrival numbers when their main markets are facing economic difficulties.

Jenny Koh seems to have captured the essence of the “Seychelles Brand of Tourism” when she writes in her article in the Australian Luxury Travel & Style Magazine: “Here you are not a guest, as the staff are quick to point out, but a resident, a resident who gets a 24-hour butler service.”

Seychelles is also the first tourism destination to have now officially declared that over half of their land area has been designated as nature reserves. This move by the government of President James Michel of the Seychelles has helped the island’s tourism board re-launch their wide range of activities they call their niche markets. From bird watching to sailing, diving to big game fishing, bush walks to fly fishing, these activities are all today succesful because of the strict environment protection laws in place in Seychelles.

Alain St.Ange, who is also in Australia as part of the state visit by the Seychelles President, has said that he was happy to have seen that latest copy of the Australian Luxury Travel & Style Magaziine has brought Seychelles to Australia and to Australians. “We are thankful to Jenny Koh and to the editorial board of the Auatralian Luxury Travel & Style Magazine for having covered the Seychelles in their great magazine. You have done us proud,” he said.

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