Serving the Syrian army who kills us

ETN received correspondence from an organization called "Free Officers Movement in Syria" entitled: "Long lives Syria free and proud." The letter originated in Syria and was made available to eTN in C

Serving the Syrian army who kills us

ETN received correspondence from an organization called “Free Officers Movement in Syria” entitled: “Long lives Syria free and proud.” The letter originated in Syria and was made available to eTN in Cairo. We decided to publish this appeal without comment.

The letter from the Syria movement reads:

“During the invasion of the security gangs (Shabiha) of the city of Lathikia and its neighborhoods “Elraml El Janoubi El Falastini,” Boustan El Samaka,” “Tabiyat Neighborhood,” “Salibiah Neighborhood,” “Ashrafiah Neighborhood,” “Boustan El Sidawi,” and “Kalaa Neighborhood” where they didn’t respect the sanctity of homes and mosques and they mistreated the people, from women and children, and treated them badly after the brutal invasion using heavy weapons (artillery, warships, and heavy machine guns), which led to the split of some of the honorable military members after what they have seen from violations, and they have defended the civilians and joined the free officers movement and the leadership of the coastal strip, secured the dissidents.

“The illegitimate regime is still following the sectarian method to oppress the demonstrations and the peaceful people in an attempt to drag the region to a sectarian war, and that’s what it has done in Lathikia, but these attempts failed like all its attempts in other provinces, because all the parties in the Syrian society agreed to force down this Tyrannical regime and decided to stop this injustice with their wounded peace, and this regime is still repeating its exposed plays regarding the presence of armed gangs where it has imprisoned a big number of displaced citizens whom their numbers have exceeded ten thousand in the Sports City, and it has brought its false media channels to complete its plays where the people were asked to testify that there are armed gangs, but the people refused, so the men of the regime killed three citizens to be an example to others forcing the rest to testify according to their demands.

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“We want to thank the prince of Qatar and its people, the prince of Kuwait and its people, Sultanate of Oman and its people, the King of Bahrain and its people, and the king of Saudi Arabia and its people for their support to their families in Syria by withdrawing their ambassadors.

“We also thank all the honorable people in Lebanon who were pioneers in the Arab world in supporting us apart from the official Lebanese position in the Security Council.

“We send a big tribute to the stance of Tunis and Abou Azizi and all Arab countries for their support to the Syrian revolution by expelling the ambassadors of the Syrian regime from their land, and we ask all Arab countries, especially Egypt and the national community, to help and support the revolution of dignity and freedom for our people and to stand by our people to stop the massacres and to get rid from the tyranny.

“We also would like to thank our neighbor Turkey, government and people, for they have done from accommodating refugees and treating the injured when the Syrian hospitals refused to receive them, and we ask our neighbor Turkey to take a decisive decision by not giving the regime any chance to commit massacres and brutal killing of our people and not to accept the dialogue game that the regime is hiding behind to achieve the policy of the burned villages and cities, and we expect from it more support to our movement to help us do our job in defending the civilians.

“We, the Free Officers Movement, find the final statement of the Syrian Conference for Change (Antalya) a positive beginning to unite the Syrian opposition abroad and to support the Syrian revolution inside Syria, and we hope that these steps will be the main points to establish a real change conference to reach to a democratic and civil Syria, a country for all its people.

“And we warn the regime from its continual arrest of the Syrian revolution activists and the organizers of the Free Officers Movement, like the sergeant Imad Atouf, and that it should implement the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners.

“Long lives Syria free and proud.”

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