National Cruise week sets sail


National Cruise Week, the world’s largest cruise campaign, launches on Sunday 7 September with more than 2,000 travel agencies in Britain holding events to highlight the world of cruising.

A record one-and-a-half million Britons are expected to take a cruise this year and the choice and diversity of cruising has never been greater. It ranges from intimate yachts to floating passenger “resorts” offering everything from rock-climbing and bowling to surfing and swimming.

The first ever National Cruise Week will run from 7-14 September. It has been organised by the Association of Cruise Experts (ACE), the trade organisation representing agents selling cruises. Thousands of travel agents throughout the country will be holding a wide variety of events to promote cruising and highlight the huge choice of destinations open to today’s cruisers.

Andy Harmer, business development director of ACE said: “Cruising is becoming ever more popular but there are still some misconceptions about the industry. National Cruise Week is a great way to show that there really is a cruise for everyone.

“The choice now offered by companies is immense – there is a cruise to suit all ages and all pockets. You can find intimacy or full-on fun, snow or sun, desert or jungle, relaxation or activity, the choice is truly endless.”

Did you know?

152 cruises are booked every hour in the UK.

The average Round the World cruise gets through 840 bottles of vodka, 312 bottles of gin, and 285 bottles of Scotch.

The largest cruise ship ever built for British cruise passengers carries 4,296 people. That’s enough to form 390 football teams.

The average cruise ship gets through 26,300 teabags and 750 litres of ice cream per week.

A butler on an ultra-luxury cruise ship walks 15km every day. That is equivalent to 11 marathons a month.

The average cruise ship travels 73,000 nautical miles per year. That’s six times round the world.

On the average cruise ship, 400 bottles of champagne are consumed every week.